‘The Strange Hour’ Podcast to Debut January 12, 2021

The Strange Hour Cover Art

WillCreate Productions debut project to release across all major podcast platforms. Bringing to the world historical stories of the weird, disturbing, and outrageous.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Austin, Dec 9, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – WillCreate Productions, a media production company, has announced today that “The Strange Hour”, the company’s first project, will release January 12, 2021, to all major podcast platforms. The half-hour show will dive into the weird, disturbing, and outrageous people and events in history.

WillCreate Productions is proud to announce this first milestone in its production history as the company begins to make its claim on the world of media with the development of quality content for the world.

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“We’re so excited to be releasing our first project this coming year. I think listeners will love it. We have an amazing hosting team, really wild stories, and we’re confident in the success this will bode for us all.” said John Williams, producer of “The Strange Hour”.

The podcast will be co-hosted by vocal talent Mr. and Ms. Jones.

“The production to the approach to this podcast with the idea that history can be mesmerizing and a great experience based on who you’re getting the information from,” said John. “We found a couple who work well together, and play off of each other, and when I listen to them during production, I enjoy the content.”

The show is slated with ten episodes for its first season, and a wide variety of topics that will range from stories of a man who was the human manifestation of gluttony, to the trial that time forgot.

“There’s no doubt that [“The Strange Hour”] is going to be good.” Host of the show, Mr. Jones said, “I just can’t wait for people to hear the stories we have to tell!”

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WillCreate Productions is a media production company under WillCreate LLC. It’s mission is to entertain and engross people with great stories and quality content. Visit www.willcreateproductions.com for more.

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