Tbay Christmas Gift – Refer Friends to Share $10,000 Reward

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For rewarding old and new loyal partners on Tbay

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Alabaster, Dec 22, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Tbay is a global, professional platform for gift card transactions, where card corporations are strictly certified and managed. The mission of Tbay is to make it fairer for gift card transactions. In the past, the instant settlement for each order, strict compensation mechanism, and fast payment on Tbay have completely changed people’s gift card trading habits and solved the trust crisis in the gift card industry. With the trust of Nigerian partners on Tbay, there are over 950 thousand registered users, 500 thousand people getting the good transition services, and an average of 13 million U.S. dollars transaction volume. Also, Tbay launched a mobile application for iOS and an Android version. So for appreciating the trust and favour on Tbay, from Nigerian loyal partners, and also for offering more premium service to more new and old users, Tbay officially is preparing a fantastic Christmas gift. Invite a new referee to Tbay to share 10,000 USD rewards 4,850,000 naira (485 naira/1 USD).

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Become a member.

Follow the link to register on Tbay – https://tbay.store/blog/blog20200513143911175340399h5_EN.html

Share – Tell Others About Tbay & Invite Friends

– Referrer share the unique referral code that is below the user’s Tbay name- The referee sign up with this referral code

– The referee sells gift cards for cash

– Referrer will get points from his gift cards sales and his referee’s gift card sales

Earn – Sell Gift Card + Refer Friends = Share 10,000 USD for the top 500 participants

Campaign Time- December 9 00:00:00 ~December 24 23:59:59Singapore Time

Point Calculation- Referrer’s total points = points from referrer’s gift card sales + points from referrer’s referees’ gift card sales *50%

Rewards Sharing Rule-

* Tbay users with their total points ranking in the top 500 can share the $10,000 rewards

* For detailed reward amount according to points, please visit the Tbay blog by clickinghere



* About Points – To guarantee the fairness of the campaign, all the gift card sales before this campaign will not be considered for getting points.  

* About Rankings- If the two users have the same total point rankings in the campaign time, the user whose order completed time getting ahead has the priority to share the awards. 

* About Available Gift Cards- Steam Wallet, Google Play Store, iTunes, eBay, Amazon, Sephora, American Express, One Vanilla, Nike, Bitrefill, Nordstrom, Mastercard, Walmart, Macy, etc.

Redemption Method – Withdraw USD to Tbay Wallet & Sell it for Naira


My-Referral Reward-Click to Join- Rankings- Withdraw


Menu-Refer for Reward – Rankings- Withdraw


* If the entrance of this referral campaign cannot be seen at the Tbay app, please go to Apple Store/Google Play Store to download the latest update of the Tbay app.

* Sell more gift cards to get more points, because Tbay will launch more campaigns in the future.   

For a more detailed guide of this campaign, please visit the Tbay blog by clickinghere.

The right of final interpretation is owned by Tbay.  

If any questions about this referral campaign, please contact Tbay.

Contact Tbay

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Tbay is a global professional gift card trading platform.   

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Tbay is a global professional gift card trading platform. 
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