Hip Hop Artist from California Poppy Womacc surprises his Fans with Great Hip Hop Feel in his Latest Song ‘VALLEY GURLZ’

Hip Hop Artist  Poppy Womacc

Hip hop artist from California Poppy Womacc has shown some impeccable styles in his latest single ‘VALLEY GURLZ’, easily influencing the audience towards his effortless swagger.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Los Angeles, Dec 23, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Comparison is inevitable in the music industry, but marking himself most distinguishable of all, an artist who is steadily rising to the top with his unique abilities is Poppy Womacc. The hip hop artist from California Poppy Womacc has rounded up his skills to deliver a unique sound that lay the foundation for his popularity. After going through various trials, the rapper has cemented his signature style and sound in the audience’s mind that stands as a great example of his talent. The consistency and the passion with which the rapper constructs his sound showcase his incredible hip-hop vibes.

To further stamp his authority in the hip-hop landscape, the rapper has recently released another project titled VALLEY GURLZ. By collaborating with TINY ROCC, the artist has largely extended his reach, making his fans drool over his worthy sound design and rap style. The single speaks enough of his stylish flow that pours with a fine balance between fast and catchy melodies. The rapper’s voice is inclined towards melodic rap that makes the musical journey even more captivating. Coming across the song more than once, lets the audience fully soak in his charismatic personality. The artist enjoys his delivery and the fun wordplay signals his great songwriting style.

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Coming from California, Poppy Womacc is a very unique talent who is striving to change the rap game forever. With his unwavering confidence and high-quality sound, the rapper imprints his name in the listener’s mind and makes sure to leave behind a sensational impression of his musicality. The song ‘VALLEY GURLZ’ is backed by catchy, melodic rhythms and thumping beats placed at perfect intervals, to pin the song’s motive. Everything flows seamlessly with a cool vibe, finely exploiting the rapper’s skills till the finish. Hear the song on SoundCloud and follow the artist on Instagram and Facebook for further details.

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VALLEY GURLZ : https://soundcloud.com/user-342315786/valley-gurlz-poppywomacc-x-tiny-rocc

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