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(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Stockholm, Dec 26, 2020 ( – ICON Architecture is an international, multidisciplinary architecture and design firm operating in the USA and in Europe. They have an entrepreneurial vision with collaborative teams from different professional fields driven by innovation, creativity, and curiosity.

ICON has been involved with the planning of residential areas with their knowledge of urban regulations from a holistic perspective that includes economical, historical, and socio-cultural facts. According to Cecilia Bolter at ICON, their vision is to contribute to a sustainable society and a greener city planning through well-planned and environmentally friendly architecture. The company works toward innovative design solutions and climate-smart housing. Clients range from private customers, companies, real estate development to nonprofit organizations. ICON has a large network of partners from different business areas including construction companies and property developers. They strive for diversity and competence building that generates value for both the company and the customers paving the way for creativity and innovative thinking. With an experience of over 25 years in the scope of residential projects, the company’s goal is to develop emission-free homes to help improve the overall life quality.

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ICON has carried out a few renovation projects of historic properties, where the building’s identity and historic value have been key-concepts. ICON Architecture is a full-service architecture and design firm working with commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Their clientele is based out of both organizational and private sectors. They have a large network of partners from different business areas including construction companies and property developers. 

ICON works across residential and commercial projects to interior design as their team is striving for the best socially inclusive environments, a modern and energy-efficient architecture. For more information, visit their website at For more info, please contact Cecilia Bolter at [email protected]


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