Into the Outside Box

The new project Into the Outside Box has swept the audiences off their feet in the brilliantly executed indie-pop number ‘The Man’ that has got a memorable edge.

Oakland, Jan 2, 2021 ( – Beautiful jazz and baroque rock rhythms are etched out with incredible finesse by Into the Outside Box. They have come up with the mind-blowing number ‘The Man’ that has peppered some Latin rhythms and created a dream-pop ambiance. The project, based in Oakland, is all set to release a couple of albums in the new year, showcasing the magnificent performance and songwriting by Claudette Visco. The envelope is pushed in terms of feeling and thought process, as they welcome brand new ideas from relatable experiences of mundane life. To know more about the project and its members, one can plug into their Instagram handle.

In the track The Man‘, Into the Outside Box notches up incredible indie-pop vocals that strike an instant chord with audiences. The clarity in the voice and the strong melodies come with a dash of reality. One can glance through their shared posts by plugging them into their Facebook profile.

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The voice in the track makes everyone understand those inner feelings and places that we want to know. All of her failures and every experience made her create an honest place, and one of the spin-offs is Into the Outside Box. Their new album ‘Turn It Around’ is set to be released in the new year. The tracks by the project can be heard on popular music streaming sites like Soundcloud. 

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