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Emerging rapper Divinus is providing some potential energy through the latest track ‘When I Walk in the Room’. It is setting an example in the hip hop industry.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Gold River, California Feb 9, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – A well tooled musical arrangement and an eclectic style of rapping have united in the latest single by Divinus. The artist has done an amazing job in crafting this track, titled When I Walk in the Room that churns out the flavors of new age hip hop music with some indie touches. The musical arrangement in this music video is kept enriched with organic percussion elements with is balanced with deep bass grooves. The hypnotic soundscape provides enough creative space for the rapper to meander through with his spacious verses. The song is well written and the lyrics hard with a subtle dose of confidence and optimism. Keeping the intensity intact, the track provides the listeners a major hook to keep them engaged.

Hailing from 618 in the USA, this artist started his musical journey at the age of two years only when his uncle first started teaching him drums. As a result, the artist has a great sense of flow and rhythm which reflects through each of his hip hop representations. With a perfect balance of rhythmic and lyrical flow, the artist has created many enticing hip hop tracks like, ‘SHROOMIEZ’, ‘This Is An Anthem’, ‘History In The Makin’, etc to name some. Each of them showcases the artist’s unwavering personality through deep emotive lyrics. Talent, skill, individuality, and knack to create original music, are the key ingredients of his masterpieces. Similar vibes and musical creativity can be found through the latest banger ‘When I Walk in the Room’ as well. The track is only around 2 minutes long but it keeps an impact on the listeners that stays longer. No doubt, the single is one of the greatest contributions by the artist to the hip hop industry.

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Devin, better known as Divinus is a versatile music artist who is making some significant progress through the music industry. His artist name is a Latin term that means prophetic and divine. After two years of hard work and songwriting, the artist came up with his first single ‘My Kids and Friends’. Since then, his is on a rocket-fueled musical journey with a mission to explore more. Follow this artist over YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to know more about his upcoming music.

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