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New Wall Décor Line Release By Concord Wallcoverings

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Toronto, Ontario Feb 18, 2021 ( – The interior design world got a recent update with Euro Home Decor’s latest launch. The Brick & Mortar 3D Wall Panels collection is available for anyone willing to add visual touch and dose of style in their home. Designed exclusively by Concord Wallcoverings, the carefully curated range of textures is meant to bring a high-end feeling to your home. 

What are the top features that make these 3D panels stand out on the market? 

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The Brick & Mortar 3D Collection

Both interior designers and home decor enthusiasts will be delighted to check the possible options for sprucing up the home, both available online and in-store. 

The Brick & Mortar collection features aesthetically pleasing 3D wall panels crafted to fit in any home style. The distinctive texture brings a dose of dimension and makes a remarkable statement. Hence, it would be the perfect choice for dull and plain rooms that need a quick touch-up without spending much money. 

Unique Features

The 3D panel collection offers many benefits, making them a go-to choice for decor enthusiasts. Despite the excellent price, what are the other things that you can expect? 

Compact size

The 3D panels are small and compact, making them easy to transport and install. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a beginner. The 3D panels are easy to use, making them a suitable option for your next DIY project. The panels are sold separately, meaning that you can buy as many as you need to cover the wall. 

Serrated pattern

The panels have no visible seams, making them easy to put together in a perfect pattern. Don’t worry about awkward pattern cycles, as the edges will blend perfectly together.


The natural patterns add a tasteful statement without overwhelming the space with visuals. Whether you prefer exposed bricks, unfinished stone, or stone blocks, you can easily find the right fit from the well-curated collection. Besides, they bring relaxed and cozy vibes that will complement any space.

Waterproof and fire-resistant rated

The ones concerned about safety can now rest free, as the 3D wall panels are waterproof and fire-resistant. The durable PVC material won’t be damaged by moisture, making it an excellent choice for bathrooms or kitchens. 

Implementation in interior design

  • Edgy and industrial spaces will benefit from the bold red brick. Inject a dose of energy into the living room with a brick accent wall. 
  • The crude stone 3D panels bring natural vibes in a luxurious way. Take advantage of this extraordinary design and turn your bathroom into a top-class spa.
  • The sleek stone blocks look refined and tasteful, making this design a perfect fit for contemporary spaces. Feel free to add a visual touch to masculine designs in a way that compliments the overall aesthetics. Alternatively, add a striking backsplash to your minimalist kitchen. 
  • The pebble 3D panels are a statement on their own, bringing the rough and unfinished aesthetics without much effort. Complement the fireplace wall with this unique texture and enjoy the homey vibes. 


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