Both organizations team up to provide improved security for financial services.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Kaunas, Kauno Mar 3, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Wittix offers its Clients borderless banking featuring IBAN accounts along with the most affordable rates and fees for sending and receiving various currencies. Doing business in over 25 worldwide currencies, Wittix relies on the identity verification white-label interface of iDenfy for its customer protection, ease of use, and international monetary law compliance. 

Hanan Assis, the CEO stated that “Wittix aims to provide top class online financial services. Every little detail of the customer journey matters. iDenfy is a convenient and reliable solution that allows the clients of Wittix to perform live identity verification quickly and securely.

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Wittix chose to apply for its EMI license in the Bank of Lithuania because of its advanced ongoing technological innovation. By choosing iDenfy, a Lithuanian based company, Wittix solidified its confidence in the country as a hub of seamless technology that it can rely on today as well as in the future. 

CEO Domantas Ciulde of iDenfy noted that, “Every EMI concerns itself with maintaining the highest possible level of data verification and security of information. iDenfy’s solution allows Wittix to focus on developing better and faster financial services, while an integral part of the bank account opening, identity verification, is taken care of with the help of the integrated online service.” 

iDenfy delivers customized services that are integrated with global financial service providers such as Wittix. By eliminating the bureaucratic overload with a seamless white label integration, iDenfy delivers concise accurate identify verification to Wittix while maintaining compliance with money laundering laws, regulations, and rules. The forward-thinking innovations of the AI-based identification system developed and enhanced by iDenfy allow Wittix to focus on delivering the best, most affordable international financial services to clients. 

The ongoing long-term collaboration of the innovative ideas of iDenfy and Wittix offers an integrated customer support team. Working together, iDenfy management resolves urgent tech support issues. Wittix is thankful for iDenfy which displays an in-depth understanding of a regulated financial institution and can provide tailored services. 

iDenfy is a leader in providing its partners with identity verification using a propriety 3 step verification process along with access to hundreds of law enforcement, national and international databases. iDenfy constantly provides Wittix with seamless updates of identification processes as well as regulatory changes.

Growing together through innovative technology, iDenfy and Wittix are on a path to sustainable services growth for individuals and companies engaged in international financial transactions. 

Wittix and iDenfy partnership iDenfy

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