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Successful Entrepreneur & Forex Trader Tony D Releases His Break-Through Forex Trading New Book on a Call From Governor Newsom to all Californian Entrepreneurs During the First Lock-Down



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The Author

Tony started working on this book project at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Being a successful forex market trader with many years of experience, he wanted to share his experiences in this book.

Tony believes that others can learn from his example and become successful forex traders themselves; just like him. He wants to help people prosper in these tough times and become successful entrepreneurs and traders

To help his readers do this, he founded “The Seven Day Payday Trading Group.” This group, combined with a team of highly experienced traders, is devoted to helping families everywhere in the world get back on their feet.

Tony’s dream is that after readers finish this book, they can take the information, examples, and training from Tony and his team of trading masters.  They can then start putting to practice the newfound skills they have learned and continue building an amazing life through trading efforts. But Tony hopes that it does not stop there. Not only does Tony have a goal to help people through these tough times, but he also wants his readers to share in his vision of creating an entrepreneurial legacy to continue helping people become successful and provide for their families, their community, and society itself, as well as exercising their God-given right of the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS, even long after he is gone.

Tony is a true helper of current and future entrepreneurs. His expanded goal is to help the people of America and other countries move forward and come out of the Covid-19 crisis. He wants them to focus on being the successful entrepreneurs that they can be with some help and continue setting great examples for others to follow. Education, training, determination, and caring can change the world!

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The Coronavirus pandemic has truly changed the global economic conditions. People now require more help than ever to increase their income and ensure that they can lead a fulfilling life. This book aims to provide the necessary information on Forex trading that anyone can use to become a skilled forex trader. It starts by examining the new financial situation created by the global pandemic. Readers can then learn the basics of forex trading and how the modern currency exchange system got established. They can further learn about the trading risks to fully understand how to get into forex successfully. We then describe forex pairs and how they are traded around the world. This useful information formulates the base of any forex trader.

The book then starts by describing all the strategies usually employed in forex trading. They are followed by a discussion of external factors and different trading styles. It makes this book an excellent read for any prospective forex trader. It intends to give people an advantage when entering the forex market to increase their income. Tony hopes that this book helps people so that they may not have to go through the extended time of learning the trade through trial and error.

TONY went to work on this project at the beginning of the lock-down by writing this book. To help with the financial crisis looming ahead due to the world lock-down, he founded the Seven Day payday training group with a team of other well-experienced traders. They are all willing to meet in the moment to help all families in the world get back on their feet. After the readers finish this book, they can go on with Tony and his master trading team by putting in practice the skills they have learned here and get on with life trading successfully.

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The current pandemic of COVID-19 has affected us all in many ways. Looking around, I feel the need to help entrepreneurs and families to learn new skills to gain financial freedom. I had planned this book a few months ago, but with a 5.76 averaged unemployment rate from 1948 until 2020[1]and the financial crisis looming with COVID-19, I decided to drop everything I was doing to bring this urgent book to you. I jumped in to write this book for my readers on a call from Governor Newson to the entrepreneurs to meet the moment during the first lock-down and a way to help families in America and the world in the current and post COVID-19 financial crisis. I dropped everything I was doing and went to work to meet this moment as a visionary and successful entrepreneur to present this book to you.

This book will guide you toward acquiring simple skills to earn what was in the past additional income and is now merging income to sustain our families. This book is your ultimate guide to working from your phone on the foreign exchange market as a casual retail trader and bringing money home daily.

Our beloved earth is severely affected by a deadly virus that has turned our lives upside down. COVID-19 took over the globe so suddenly. It all started when China reported patients with similar life-threatening symptoms. With a rapid rise in the number of infected cases in China, many other countries also started to come forward with an increasing toll on infected cases and deaths.

The virus has managed to put our lives on hold and forced the world to go into lock-down. Studies indicate that COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus. Hence, it seemed compulsory for governments worldwide to stop all activities and any type of physical interaction among people. People were told to shut down their businesses, stop going to work, and practice quarantine.

With everything closed – from offices to schools to government institutions – the worldwide economy is headed toward an economic depression unlike ever before. Thousands of people have lost their jobs while businesses started going bankrupt. Companies can no longer produce their goods and services due to strict lock-down everywhere. With a halt to production came a shortage, which led to a surplus in demand. This entire scenario then led to rapid inflation.

With the prices of various commodities skyrocketing, many people are unable even to afford the basic necessities. For the first time in many years, both the rich and the poor faced financial turmoil.


Tony Deoleo is an American entrepreneur, author, and forex market trader who has been working in the industry for over a decade now. The eBook and paperback versions of “SEVEN DAY PAYDAY” GET EXPOSED TO WI-FI MONEY AND MASTER THE TRADING SKILLS  OF THE FOREIHN EXCHANGE MARKET TRADER$ Can be pre-order at DEOLEO DIGITAL PUBLISHING LLC: and It is also available on Amazon and Kindle  at  

Driven by his genuine passion for his work, he has always been helping other entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals. By conducting researches and traveling extensively, he has been doing his best to decode the common challenges faced by entrepreneurs and forex traders everywhere. His book is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. For more information visit him at the official author website:


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