(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Mumbai, Maharashtra Mar 17, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The world is struggling to overcome the disaster bought in by “COVID”, whether it is HEALTH, EDUCATION, ECONOMICS, PERSONAL LIFE or even “WORK FROM HOME” culture which is building a dangerous Mental Block that is the root cause of ever-growing mental illness amongst the world population.

More than the materialistic loss during the COVID pandemic, it is the non-measurable mental imbalance every human being is going through which will take a very long time to understand and heal.

Dr. Kailash Mantry – a well-known LIFE COACH based in Mumbai, has been treating Mental illness for the last 25 years, and that too without using a single medicine.

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His alternative healing practice boost treating problems such as Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s, Drug & Alcohol addiction, Insomnia, Parkinson and many other Mental related issues.

Dr. Kailash Mantry opined that “Currently 95% of the patients have to suffer mental disease for a lifetime because Medicines only try to control symptoms of the disease but we have researched and developed alternative practices which get to the root of the problem and solve them, which in turn help the patient lead a normal lifestyle for their rest of the life.”

He also added that “Our treatment has no side effect as there is no single medicine involved, medicines are only chemical combinations and have dangerous side effects, our treatment is more natural and is based on mind application techniques, which is natural and very effective. These are old Indian traditional practices which are forgotten in today’s world.”

Dr. Kailash Mantry with more than 25 years of mastering alternative practices is training more than a 2 lac LIFE COACHES all over India so that the benefit reaches every individual who is been suffering from mental illness in India and worldwide.

For more details contact visit Kailashmantry.net

Source :Kailash Mantry

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