Rock and Roll Band  Black Water Mountain

Popular Houston rock and roll band Black Water Mountain offers a taste of their tantalizing instrumentation in the latest single ‘Can’t Get a Hold of You’.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Houston, Texas Mar 17, 2021 ( – The culturally rich genre of rock n roll brings out the true essence of classical music. Eminent rock act from America, Black Water Mountain has established a soundscape that is rich in these extraordinary flavors. The band is formed by talented singers, songwriters, composers, and instrumentalists, who devoted their lives to art. They have recently released their highly anticipated single Can’t Get a Hold of You, which is a part of their latest album ‘Messy Iz R Beezwaks’. The song is opulent with mind-blowing saxophone tunes, blowing drums, mesmerizing keyboard, and guitar riffs, creating a symphony of transcending acoustic bliss. The deep and robust vocal performance in the track takes it to a higher level. The song has created a sensation among the music-lovers around the world.

Hailing Texas, the highly talented musicians have come together to form one of the more remarkable and outstanding musical bands in the industry. Armed with their joint thematic insights and skills, the Houston rock and roll band Black Water Mountain has progressed at a tremendous speed. Driven by their passion for classical music, the band has decided to bring back the lost allure of the 80’s rock, blues-rock, and many other styles through their unconventional soundscape. Their incredible music is the result of their thorough experimentation that blends different elements from various musical forms. They have been taking the music festivals and concerts around the country by a storm. With nostalgic instrumentation, they have pleased many. They are also known to inspire the audience to maintain positivity in life.

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Working with the production house Majuscule Records, the band Black Water Mountain has been delivering back-to-back hits. Their unique style merger with nostalgic resonance separates them from the crowd. Their latest music video, ‘Can’t Get a Hold of You’, from their latest album ‘Messy Iz R Beezwaks’ is an upbeat piece with a power-packed vocal performance. The raw energy and the powerful instrumental riffs in the track set the benchmark for contemporary standards. The band is currently working on a new album with Grammy award-winning producer Rob Fraboni. Follow them on their website, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more updates on their upcoming works.

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