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Indie gospel rap artist Talena Skye is showing the path of God with her latest single ‘Something 2 Say’. She is portraying the darkness of the contemporary society.

Jersey City, Mar 23, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Rising gospel rap artist Talena Skye is creating a benchmark in the music industry as one of the well-seasoned female rappers in the modern era of hip hop music. The artist has dropped a single name ‘Something 2 Say’ which churns out the essence of urban hip-hop and Christianity at the same time. Portraying omnipresent God and his creation and the devils of the society, the artist provides the listeners a complete picture of contemporary society and the relevance of following God’s path. The track is well written and intriguing enough to captivate all the listeners.

Hailing from Jersey City, this rapper was born in Manhattan and started developing her musical sense from a young age. She is a lyrical preacher and her songs have the potential to motivate the listeners with the poignancy of life and the optimism provided by God. The artist is very much moved by current events of the world, where there is nothing but evil which creates an obstacle in the path of God. However, if one sticks to that path of goodwill no evil force can stop him and that is what the rapper has conveyed through her track, Something 2 Say. The track is featured by a consistent musical arrangement which appears to be hypnotic, groovy, and mystic at some point. Talena has well utilized the arrangement and provided a flawless eclectic performance through the soundscape. Her menacing rap verses are able to evoke aggression and agitation against the contemporary situation of society. However, the track doesn’t appear to be intense musically but the strength during the bars hit quite hard. The banger is quite indulging and relevant for everyone.   

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Talena is recreating the essence of Christian hip-hop music through her sheer individuality and perspective. She is an indie gospel rap artist who is also well seasoned with her rapping skills, rhythmic hold, lyrical flow, and everything that assure a progressive musical career. Currently, she is looking forward to her upcoming EP ‘Arise’ which will be releasing soon this year. Another track called ‘Mama’ is also gathering attention from global listeners. Follow Talena Skye over YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to no more.

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