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The upcoming death metal guitarist Matt Miller dishes out staggering tracks full of thoughtful, intricate metal rhythms and ruthless guitar shredding on Spotify.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Salem, Oregon Apr 5, 2021 ( – With the constant malaise in your mind, you forget how to feel alive. Break the monotony with the cutthroat, aggressive guitarist Matt Miller who has decided to set you free from the morbid philosophy with his gratifying death metal tracks. The ruthless instrumentals collect the best version of the polymath. This year, he comes back with more dynamic guitar strums and rocking distortions to shut all your consciousness. He is an expert to bring insanity with serene musicality; he finds an escape from the insatiable millennial dissatisfaction with the iconic numbers he presented in his latest instrumental album Decrepit Shed. ‘Step into the Light’ is crafted with high jinks and volatile rhythms taking a strong shape of a fixture in the death metal realm. Haunting jinks allow you to imagine vivid things inside your mind castle. It has a fluidity that enables it to appeal to critical mass in no time.

Matt Miller is the only metal guitarist from the technical death metal bands Morbid Fascination and Monolithic Terror who is rising in the local music scene. Currently, he focuses on making his music profile more appealing to global listeners with strategic music releases. 2021 has been a rollercoaster ride for the artist because he landed on everyone’s favorite list with new releases. Quality after quality, his music releases see the light of day quickly that everyone’s expectations.

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‘Smoldering Ruin’ is the latest addition to his exquisite discography of death metal. It has a conceptually intriguing intro that will kill all the bad vibes besetting you. With the high-voltage electronic shredding, his trademark sound is constantly growing. The warm and easy guitar distortions talk to the listeners about the innermost feelings he buried in his heart. His recent album Decomposer with 12 cover songs gives you old-school vibes. Follow him on Spotify, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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