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The upcoming rapper from Madison, YSM The Prince returns with a summer-fresh, vibrant hip hop song ‘New Glock’ intertwined with deeply emotive origins and trap bass.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Janesville, Wisconsin Apr 8, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Nothing is impossible for the highbrow hip hop artist YSM The Prince and he needs to slay the charts again as he did with the album Revival. He comes out of Madison with a stack of stories that he turns into bangers. He creates a new phenomenon in the industry with the latest hit single New Glock, streaming like a rocket on Spotify. He thinks that happiness can’t be brought forcibly. His huge stardom has been on a rollercoaster; it often fell apart but this time he makes it impregnable with the saucy hip hop number wired with breathtaking rap flow and fresh hooks. He explains the fair play of the music industry with recognizable anecdotes in the heavy rap verses. He feels like standing stranded in the infinite dark hole as he uses symbolism to explain the void inside him. It shares a different side of his personality that is spilling with confidence.

YSM The Prince is a young artist who knows how to be hopeful and positive in the worst adversity. He has been bringing nothing but the best for every generation of melophiles. Hip hop music has a different definition to him. For the last 20 years, he delved his passion into the possibility to make the sound hybrid and adaptable. His signature style of combining dark trap beats with heavy street hustle has become the crowd-pleasing trend in 2021. His rock-ribbed fans think that he has the godly power to overthrow the hip hop legends with his thoughtful, organic, and ostensibly composed street hip hop songs. He doesn’t lie about the continuous hustle that sucks the vital energy from his cells. But he can’t deny that the hustle bolsters him from making mistakes and refraining him from fragile emotional breakdowns.

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‘New Glock’ approaches with a new idea that will pamper the reluctant souls to get out of their lair and experience the mysteries of the world. He encourages the followers to dream big and learn the system of the society to know how to get there. He incorporates sly word flow with dominating deep, dark hooks of trap music. He creates a gorgeous ambient with immersive crunks in every verse. Follow the seasoned hip hop rapper on his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to know about his upcoming release featuring the prominent artist Stevie Stone.

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