Dont Turn Me Out

Seasoned singer-songwriter Evan Field transforms his raw feelings into heart-warming melodies that are laden with powerful instrumentation and meaningful lyrics.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Ventura, California Apr 16, 2021 ( – Originated in the 40s, the genre of rock has become the most popular musical form. It expresses the thoughts and feelings of the artists accurately. Seasoned rock artist Evan Field offers to bring back the golden nostalgia with his extraordinary collection. He has recently released some new rock numbers that are rich in versatile resonance. The songs ‘Don’t Turn Me Out’ and ‘Because of You’ come armed with their out-worldly instrumental riffs wrapped around the dynamic vocal performances. The next song in the collection, ‘Hurricane’ features a sense of confidence with its uplifting rhythmic flow.

The brilliant music-maker and singer entered the music scene at the age of six. He started learning violin due to his mother’s pressure. But soon found his calling in guitar playing. He mastered the art of beat-making with years of practice and dedication. Soon he began writing his own music expressing his deepest thoughts and emotions to the world. Inspired by the sounds and textures of indie, pop, rock, blues, and more, he has captured their best elements in his versatile soundscape.

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The California-based highly accomplished singer-songwriter combines the diverse rhythmic cadence with his incredible storytelling ability in his recently released singles ‘Don’t Turn Me Out’, ‘Because of You’, and ‘Hurricane’Evan Field takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster with the heart-touching melodies of the songs. The sublime lyrics come to life through his electrifying singing. The addictive chorus and the mesmerizing instrumentation create an ambiance of total sonic pleasure. Follow him on Spotify, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.

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