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The bona fide Brian Field arrests the mind of the crowd of music lovers with his new edition of glistening music pieces adorned with the quality of quasi-waltz scales.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Fairfield, Connecticut Apr 23, 2021 ( – The famous pianist Brian Field becomes a mainstay of the modern music industry while he continues to synchronize the classical syncopation with his ideas of the stunning sonata. He has come with a new set of a sonata for violin and piano to wrap the industry with his serene bliss of classical musicality. He expresses a plethora of emotions in the new music pieces that present his deep and dark regime of heart in the rhythms of ambiguity. He sets a cloud of obscurity with the first musical piece ‘Sonata For Violin and Piano – I’ from the new album ‘Brian Field – String Play’. This performance was cooperated by Diana Sargsyan & Louisa Kostanyan to mix the aesthetic with Brian’s conceptual melodies.

Brian Field‘s music is the bright fusion of scintillating rhythms and charismatic lyricism that plants emotions erupted from the post-romanticism inspirations. He evolves the modern musical milieu into the eclectic blend of levitating jazz riffs. He infuses his ideas that are cultivated from the classical era with the influences of quasi-waltz. He creates romanticism with mellifluous piano tunes derived from minimalism. He started studying music when he was nine years old and soon he played hard-hitting musical compositions that stand on their artistic merits. ‘Sonata For Violin and Piano – II’ (feat. Diana Sargsyan & Louisa Kostanyan) is the soulful brainchild of the few talented musicians under his hood.

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‘Sonata For Violin and Piano – III’ (feat. Diana Sargsyan & Louisa Kostanyan) is another magnificent musical composition that gets dramatic with ornamental melodic work. It captures the continuous metrical change with the engaging, dreamlike tunes wired with decent violin blasts. He has been awarded for his universally accepted musical contributions. It includes the RMN Classical recording prize, the Benenti Foundation recording prize; First Prize, Briar Cliff Choral Music Competition; and First Prize, Victor Herbert ASCAP Young Composers’ Contest among many others. Follow the amazing musician presenting his musical duality on Spotify and Facebook.

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Sonata For Violin and Piano – I:

Sonata For Violin and Piano – II:

Sonata For Violin and Piano – III:

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