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Singer Banjo Bones lets his creativity take charge and offers another valuable record titled ‘Worthless Soul’ to showcase his aesthetic sound taste and timeless vocals.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Sacramento, California Apr 30, 2021 ( – A seasoned entertainer who makes an honest attempt to keep the musical story-telling tradition alive in his choreographies, Banjo Bones brings back the flavor of Americana with his soulful compositions. The talented singer combines the finest elements of blues, rock, country, folk, and jazz, and skillfully combos it with his defying style to make a lasting impact. Being a notable performer throughout his career of 40 years, the singer takes the listeners on a journey that remains filled with impressive musical landscapes.

On his recent single Worthless Soul that comes from his ten-track album Lucifer’s Hand, the singer assures to treat the audience with his tremendous melodic vocals. It’s rather hard to confine the melodies under one specific genre as the artist stays true to his roots of fusing multiple genres. Country, jazz, folk, with subtle hints of rock guitar sound, the listener experiences it all, with everything wrapped with the perfection of his craftsmanship. The artist sings themes of the present but possesses a voice that takes to the past times. His dark aesthetic concepts trigger various emotions as the singer combines the feelings of a frustrated poet, a philosopher, and a wannabe cowboy altogether.

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Built under the label Boneyard Records, the song ‘Worthless Soul’ serves as the perfect sonic palette for the audience to embrace his multi-genre sound. Banjo Bones has released several works since 2012 including projects like Faceless Man, The Place of Dead roads, Cowboy Dreams, and others. An artist who shows no sign of slowing down and certainly releasing more such engaging tracks to impress the audience. Follow him on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more details.

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