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The hard-hitting rap verses incorporated with the soothing hook of thriving hip hop star Rogue Mason’s recently released single ‘Change’ offers a sonic satisfaction.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Baldwinsville, New York May 5, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Being the most eloquent musical form in the world, the genre of hip hop resonates with its listeners on so many levels. Emerging hip hop artist Rogue Mason has established a satisfying sonic ambiance with his newly released soundtrack, Change. He teamed up with fellow artist LaevadMusik for the track. It opens with a flow of blissful instrumental tune that escalates swiftly to match the pace of the artist’s ecstatic rap flow. The song is opulent with a perfect chord structure and steady rhythmic progression. The addictive and hook and the pummelling rap verses place him under the radar of hip hop lovers around the world.

The talented musician always wanted to express his mind through music. That is why he chose the genre to convey his thoughts and emotions. He transforms his raw feelings into eloquent lyrical verses utilizing his exceptional articulacy. His praiseworthy storytelling ability in his articulate and zesty lyrical wordplay reflects upon his great creative artistry and boundless imagination. He uses his hard-earned thematic understandings and naturally robust voice to enhance the quality of his unparalleled style of verse delivery in his soundscape. His music works like therapy to the people going through tough times.

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Hailing from Long Island, Rogue Mason has effortlessly captured the attention of the young generation with his new-age resonance. His unconventional approach to the genre in his newest hit single, ‘Change’ featuring LaevadMusik has gained his vast recognition and popularity among the youths. The overall symphony invokes genuine emotions in the listeners. Follow him on Spotify and Instagram for more.

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