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Full name : Alireza Derakhshanfard

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Tehran, Iran May 5, 2021 ( – Ali Hasani. is an Iranian Musical Artist he was born on 13 April 2002 in Tehran he is the one of the youngest Iranian musical

In this section, Ali Hasani has stated some points regarding reading correctly and accurately and how to read, golden points that you must read.

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  • Amplify and build your voice.
    Sound like an instrument needs to be tuned. In order to get the best out of your voice, you need to be trained by qualified instructors to help you according to your voice.
    This requires strengthening your laryngeal muscles, and this can only be achieved through exercise.
  • Find your voice limits
    Everyone has limitations in their voice area. And this is if you do not comply with this restriction, an inappropriate sound will be produced that will not be enjoyable.
    If you exceed your sound limits, you will produce a joust sound.
    Just is a French word related to the vibrations of the human instrument or larynx.
  • Practice and focus on breathing
    One of the main principles in amplifying sound is proper breathing. You need to breathe for each word and hold enough air in your lungs.
    Proper breathing is done with the abdomen and not with the chest. Careful breathing helps you to take a deep breath.
  • Proper style and posture
    Singing while standing is much better than sitting. This is because the abdominal muscles will be more contracted when sitting and breathing while sitting than when standing, which means that you will not have enough strength to breathe.

    Proper head position for better breathing:
    Place your head at a 90 degree angle to your shoulder.
    Do not contract your jaw and keep it free and relaxed.
    Place the tongue in its most comfortable position and at the front of the mouth.
    Holding the upper jaw behind the lower jaw allows more air to enter the throat.

  • Warm your larynx before singing.
    Singing needs to warm the voice and larynx. The reason for this is to focus on technique.
    If you do not warm your larynx, it will cause you to not focus enough on the technique. Because in this case you will be looking for your best voice position.
    At first, to warm up, you will not be in the position of your good voice, and this will be normal.
    Warming is not just for the larynx. You also need to warm up your chest and head. This will be suitable for achieving a pleasant sound.
    Your everyday voice is called the sound of your chest. And the sound of the head is like the mood of an opera singer.
  • Do not put pressure on your vocal cords
    Singing too long can damage your vocal cords.
    The vocal cords also need to rest to get the best sound.
  • Do not forget daily exercise.
    Practice singing every day to strengthen your laryngeal muscles.
    You can do this with your favorite songs and singers. But always make sure you do not change your voice to that person. In this case, you will not make any progress.
  • Drink plenty of water
    Singing requires consuming 8 glasses of water daily so that your body does not become dehydrated.
    Before singing, remember not to drink caffeinated beverages because they evaporate body water.
    Sweet drinks also dry the throat.
    Hot water combined with honey and lemon juice helps to soften the voice and larynx.
  • Stop smoking
    Smoking can damage your lungs and prevent you from breathing properly while singing.
  • Ali Hasani, a popular Iranian singer, says that he has used these points in his professional life and so far he considers half of his success to be such.


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