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Upcoming French music artist and producer El Shalito is spreading his musical aura through the latest EP ‘Drift’. It contains four exciting dubstep singles.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Montpellier, Herault May 6, 2021 ( – Captivating listeners in an enticing sound design, well-revered music artist El Shalito has come up with his latest EP ‘Drift’. The project consists of four exquisite singles namely, ‘Arcada’, ‘Laser Gun’, ‘Drift’ and ‘Show Them’. The EP injects a heavy dose of energy and intensity from the beginning and keeps the listeners engage till the end with an inescapable impact. Blending the elements of dubstep, trap, and tech, the artist crafts some of the most unique compositions that do not fail to impress everybody. The catchy and alluring beats create a head-bopping soundscape with an ambiance of a party. It is fast-paced, dynamic and an amusing EP for all to enjoy.

Hailing from France, this uber-talented artist has become one of the most well-seasoned music artists and producers at the age of 22 years only. He is creating a new root for trap and dubstep music with his subtle improvisations and sheer individuality. Last year, this artist has released a single named ‘Tension’ which has generated significant buzz among the listeners. With a rocket-fuelled musical journey, the artist is looking forward to dropping more singles and albums in the coming days.

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The latest EP ‘Drift’ is one of the most complex projects by the artist and reflects his prolific musicianship and a great sense of original music. Each of the tracks from it is a limited edition track exclusively by El Shalito. Follow this french music artist on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and Apple Music to listen to his tracks. To get more updates on his upcoming music and events keep an eye on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles.

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