(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Los Angeles, California May 11, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The ELONDRAGON token is one of the most attractive utility tokens in the cryptocurrency industry. Several other utility tokens exist, but none others provide the unique benefits that ELONDRAGON tokens unlock for their holders.

Currently, the benefits are associated with the ELONDRAGON reward trading platform; whereby the developer behind the token has handed over all ownership to the global trading community unlocking more benefits through innovative new solutions coming to the bsc blockchain and pancakeswap.

This new module automatically rewards those who faithfully hold ELONDRAGON tokens, which allows an increase in the number of ELONDRAGON tokens in their wallets from every trading transaction that occurs.

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With a total supply of tokens of 100,000,000,000,000,000, and 65% of them have been burned for the purpose of increasing the value of tokens, there is now a maximum supply of 35,000,000,000,000,000 tokens in circulation, which will continue to be burned by 5% along with the transactions that occur.

Each sale and purchase transaction is subject to a 10% fee, where 5% of the total tokens are given to all holders and the remaining 5% is put back into the liquidity pool for resale. So that each transaction process that occurs continuously will add the number of tokens in the ELONDRAGON token holder’s wallet.

This transaction module becomes a new source of income-generating allowing holders to add a number of tokens they have continuously thanks to the transaction after transaction that occurs. By leveraging the Pancakeswap technology and transaction system, users and token holders can bypass the highly technical tactics required to easily access personal finances in their digital money wallets.

The entire ELONDRAGON trading ecosystem together provides continuous benefits to all parties as a new passive income solution. As such, ELONDRAGON tokens are integral to getting the most out of token holders’ digital wallet trading.

Currently, there are still more than 7% of ELONDRAGON tokens or around 7,808,584,888,808,730 tokens in the liquidity pool that can be obtained by new holders through pancakeswap. Over time, the number of tokens in the liquidity pool will continue to reduce the overall circulating supply and amplify the scarcity of coded digital assets. This supports long-term value for all new and existing token holders.



Currently, ELONDRAGON tokens also support the development of new digital assets, namely Rocket League tokens which are also traded on the pancakeswap market to the public.


In addition to supporting these new assets, ELONDRAGON tokens are also processing listings to Coinmarketcap and Coingecko to open wider opportunities for new and old digital asset holders who are familiar with coded digital asset technology.

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