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Musician Bee-Pet steps up with four new tracks that allow the audience to indulge in his rich sonic compositions finely weaved with the genre’s best elements.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Karlsruhe, Baden-Wurttemberg May 17, 2021 ( – Already engaging audiences with his phenomenal sound design, musician, producer and songwriter Bee-Pet has once again emerged with his latest project, an album that greatly highlights his skills. The talented artist from Rauenberg nurtures a very positive attitude towards life, a quality that very few artists cultivate. With his go-and-get attitude and high-spirited energy, the musician creates sounds that are sometimes acoustic, orchestral, and at other times electronic with synthesizer sounds. The artist’s diversity is immeasurable and truly hypnotic.

The artist hires professional singers to sing his outstanding soundscapes and has recently dropped four new songs namely ‘Awakening’, ‘Between Dancing and Being’, ‘I Will Miss You’ and ‘The Creator Soul’ that complete a full circle. Coming from the album Never Ending, the songs tell a spiritual story. From the beginning of life to enjoying it and cherishing every moment, to finally leave our earthy form. Built with the best elements of Alt-rock, indie-rock, and other alluring sonical elements the songs offer pleasure at every possible hook.

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Bee-Pet is a positive thinking person who loves life and wants to enjoy every moment of it. The musician creates positive music that intends to bring people together. Having started his music journey in 1986, the talented music curator understands the need of the hour, and his new tracks ‘Awakening’, ‘Between Dancing and Being’, ‘I Will Miss You’ and ‘The Creator Soul’ perfectly contribute towards its intention. Built under the label iMD-JB, the songs lay-out a dreamy ambiance for the listeners to immerse themselves. Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud for more details.

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Between Dancing and Being:

The Creator Soul:

I Will Miss You:

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