The Degenerates

Get through a soulful blend of pop and R&B grooves with the latest track ‘Degenerate Hotel’ by The Degenerates. The track is all set to release on June 11th, 2021.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Toronto, Ontario Jun 10, 2021 ( – Featuring a brilliant production along with dynamic vocals skills, The Degenerates has arrived to kick start its musical journey with the latest single ‘Degenerate Hotel’. The single is scheduled to be released on June 11th of this year. As the anticipation rises, the artists are all prepared to make a grand release and win the hearts of the listeners. The track is made of a perfect amalgamation of pop and R&B elements that sprawl out of the soundscape. Soft and warm digital beats with an organic keyboard blend perfectly in the track. It offers an infectious yet melodic sound design, creating a soul-soothing ambiance. Some quirky uses of vocal prompts make the track more exciting and enjoyable for all kinds of listeners around the world.

Based in Toronto in Canada, The Degenerates is not only a branding but a whole musical revolution that recreating the pop and R&B flavors. With the help of award-winning producer T.J Habibi and Juno, this musical project is polishing the edges of modern R&B styles. The blissful and dynamic vocal skills of the artist make a personal approach to the listeners with the emotionally rich and intimate lyrical flow. Everything degenerates and decay is the inevitable truth but through love and emotions, there are chances to recreate or to start with a new beginning. The subject matter revolves around that fact and provides enthusiasm to start fresh. That is how this musical group is capable of providing listeners optimism and hope through the latest song ‘Degenerate Hotel’.

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The latest song is the ideal grand opening of the music project which has is starting on 11th June. The track reflects individual artist’s talent and skill through the project. There are some Latin and Caribbean roots to this track that can be felt sonically. Providing listeners an audio retreat, Degenerates are looking forward to dropping more singles, EPs, and albums in the coming days of the future. Currently, the artists are busy working on the next project, and the release of it will be following soon. Follow the artist on SoundCloud and get to know about its musical compositions.

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