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Jersey City rapper TrillBoy Qua recently came out with his single, Strive’ which carves a beautifully textured course of motivation in its thematic weaves.


(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Jersey City, New Jersey Jun 14, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Music artist and rapper TrillBoy Qua recently came out with the single, Strive that is delivering an inspiring course of hip hop chronicles. The young artist throws shades of color and optimism through the entire song with an aim to give his audiences the motivation and impetus to move through life. Life is all about undulations, shortcomings, happiness, and sadness. The contradictory nature often acts as a negative impact on people’s minds. The song inspires everyone to strive through their difficulties as the light always shines at the end of a dark tunnel. The song is an important piece especially in the current turbulence in the social and personal lives of people around the world.

The upcoming Jersey City rapper TrillBoy Qua aims at uplifting the lives of his audiences through the positive outline of his new music video ‘Strive’. According to him, the thematic definition of the song compiles having one’s head and confidence high even during times of crisis. People always try to bring us don during your lowest points. As a strong individual, one must keep going and never show their weaknesses to everyone. His message for everyone is to strive and fight for the best and that our struggles and trials will get us to where we want to be in life. The song is thus more than just a hip hop number for recreation but also allows people to see the depth of life and its darkness.

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Artist TrillBoy Qua found his affiliation to music at the tender age of 13 and always aimed at making everyone happy with his tunes and lyrics. His music helps people to relate and extract motivation and implement that in their own lives. Some of his other songs that contribute to this inspiring soundscape include ‘Hold On’ and ‘Patience’. A new artist, he is trying his best to make a name for himself and is gradually finding ample opportunities in the current hip hop scene. A musical story that spins around the virtues and unavoidable tendencies of life, his goals surpass creative stardom. Follow his music and saga on the platforms of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram right away.

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