The supremely talented Incidents has dished out high octane rhythm with a breathy rap verse in the magnificent number ‘Yeah I Heard You’ with natty vibes.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Santa Ana, California Jun 29, 2021 ( – The gifted rapper, Incidents is known for his effortless vibes and sublime touches. He has displayed his usual flair in the phenomenal track ‘Yeah I Heard You’. The uber-cool rap artist belongs to the plush locales of the West Coast and hails from C.O.S.A, popularly called the city of Santa Ana. He has a panache for positive vibes in rap music and has made the entire world aware of it through happenings and occurrences. The audiences can catch a glimpse of his latest videos and pictures through shared posts on his Facebook profile.

The sensational song, ‘Yeah I Heard You’ has an engaging groove with a modern sheen. The prodigious rapper, Incidents has dished out appreciative lyrics with a hard-hitting rhythm. He has received massive acclaim for the song and has stamped his authority in the rap music scene. He has also featured in big labels like UT San Diego, Los Angeles Times, Atlantic Records, Twentieth Century Fox, and Touchstone Pictures, to name a few. All the major updates about his future releases are regularly shared by the rapper on his Instagram handle.

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The amazing rap number has got classic hip-hop vibes and the rapper par excellence has come up with an indomitable swagger that has made the fans’ cock a hoop. He is hell-bent on raising awareness about 5 major elements of authentic and contemporary rap. The fans can vibe with the rapper through an engaging live chat with him on his Twitter handle. The cracking rap numbers by the terrific artist are trending on major apps like Spotify

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