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(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- New York City, New York Jul 7, 2021 ( – Italian dog names and Italian dog breeds. Why are they so popular?

The reasoning behind the new exciting website came about through the huge rise in dog ownership mainly down to the pandemic. Dogs themselves became a focus for people and in turn, it made people think more deeply about the naming of their dog.  People were looking for more than the usual dog names that have been around forever and a day. So, when designing the website after researching the market it was decided that the Italian theme was the way to go. It is often said if you want to add an air of sophistication to something then say it was designed, made grown or born in Italy.

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It’s fair to say most countries are animal lovers and dogs especially, certainly in the USA, Australia, UK and most of Europe that are the case, and this is the reason the website is very much focused on these markets primarily. The numbers have increased dramatically in these countries in terms of dog ownership and as such with the demand the prices have gone up accordingly and dogs that were in the hundreds of dollars are now well into the thousands and look set to continue at this level. So why would someone having spent a lot of money on their new dog not give time and consideration to the naming of their dog and the website certainly fits in with this way of thinking? These new dog owners are approaching the naming of their new dog differently many have never owned a dog before so it’s a very different marketplace.

The website also felt as well as an owner of a new dog many were also looking at different breeds of dogs and there was a significant increase in the demand for Italian breeds of dog.  It was an obvious route to take for the website to not just feature Italian names but to feature information on Italian breeds of dog due to the rise in the popularity, as the website explains as an example to buy a Cane Corso breed, going back a few years you would be paying in the hundreds of dollars for one now if it can be from $5,000 to $8,000 from Italian dog breeders.

So, with all these aspects on Italian breeds of dog and a general increase in dog ownership the new website has been born with the aim to make itself authoritative when it comes to naming your dog with an Italian name.  As well as a guide on Italian dog breeds. The website also takes its responsibility seriously and features dog training guides and feeding information as it wants to promote sensible and considerate dog ownership for all especially those who have never owned a dog before.

As a website,  has carried out extensive research for factual and literal meanings on over 200 Italian dog names, as some translations are not what you would think and can be quite risqué to say the least so they felt it important to be informative check the literal translation meanings.

The website although in its infancy has grown surprisingly in its rankings and that demonstrates that if a website gives the concise information people are wanting then success will follow and www.italiandognames .com seems to be achieving this.

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