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Join an intriguing lyrical ballad with PhillyBul and his latest musical representation ‘I Prey I Pray’. He is an uber-talented Philadelphia hip-hop artist.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Jul 20, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Introducing a conceptually productive side of hip hop music, PhillyBul has dropped his latest single I Prey I Pray. The rapper has done an amazing job in making this track that shares a fair portion of the artist’s talent and creative psyche. The musical arrangement in the banger is hypnotic enough to keep the listeners engaged while the rapper meanders through his prolific rapping skills. A slumberous vocal tone enables a vocal hook which is further carried by the digital soundscape. Groovy beats and the artist’s eclectic deliverance make the track even more enjoyable and catchy.

The title of the video, ‘I Prey I Pray’ symbolizes the contradictory essence of life where one needs to prey to survive and pray to God when he gets vulnerable. The subject matter is masterfully presented with intriguing lyricism. Working with Co and Rush, this banger has reached the peak of attention while paving the way to success. The track has been premiered with an official music video which is directed and filmed by Gold Label Filmz. The video has portrayed the unwavering personality of the artist with quirky edits and aesthetics. The rapper could be seen rapping and hustling on the street while providing flawless performance. The banger is capable of providing pure pleasure both musically and visually. Hailing from the United States, this Philadelphia hip hop artist PhillyBul is spreading his creative aura across all over the world while recreating the authentic essence of hip hop with his individuality.

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The rapper is looking forward to making more OG experiments that prove to be the best bangers in the industry. Recently, he released another track named ‘LEMON PEPPER MURDA TAPED IT FREESTYLE’ with an accompanying music video that shows what the artist is capable of. Raw eclectic bars coming straight out of the rapper’s heart do not fail to engage the listeners. The intense and explicit essence of freestyle rapping sprawls through this track. ‘I Prey I Pray’ is being the latest addition to his arsenal. Follow PhillyBul on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to know more about this artist and his upcoming music.

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