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Music production has now found a new direction altogether with upcoming singer and songwriter, Alxndr Blue and his array of beautiful and captivating songs.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Stockton, California Jul 22, 2021 ( – Artist Alxndr Blue is one of the most promising artists out there taking the scope of music to new heights. His soundscape is a streaming course of various production components set across a captivating production arrangement. The artist creates genre-bending modules in his music and designs it through undulations of electronic sound. His collaboration with fellow artist Don Quez for the song, ‘Seasick’ reminds the audience of the endless possibilities of musical interpretation. The song remains one of the most significant and beautiful of all his creations that define his music accurately. 

Artist Eric Alexander Hall is an American singer, producer, and songwriter who is also known by his other stage name, OFASHO. His musical pursuits are not defined to any specific space. Rather, it constantly elevates and improves itself with new sound modulations, varieties, and rhythmic patterns. What sets his soundscape apart is his use of lyrical verses to establish the thematic range of his songs. His other songs, ‘Right Now’ and ‘Vibes’ create an aperture of exclusive musical expertise. The artist’s own limitlessness of creative abilities is also important to keep up the spirit and energy of his sound stream.

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Artist Alxndr Blue has also worked extensively behind music production for various artists based out of California. However, it is time for him to create his own identity in the industry and take his art to the pinnacle of global acknowledgment. His conviction and vision collectively allow him to glide through effortlessly and towards a conspicuous musical space. Electronic music intertwined with pop, R&B, and hip hop elements comprise his diverse scope. Although he is very new to the industry, his path looks promising as he will continue to mesmerize the audience with his energy and music. If you want to give your playlist a boost towards more contemporary sounds, follow him on Spotify, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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