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Upcoming American musician Jorge Arman has given the world a new form of classic rock in his newly released lyrically refreshing soundtrack, ‘La Llamada’.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Brownsville, Texas Aug 10, 2021 ( – Music is the best way to bring a positive change in the mindset of people across the world. Inspired by the great power of music over the audience, Latin music artist Jorge Armando Garcia, better known as Jorge Arman has created a soundscape based on his vibrant optimism. He has recently dropped another masterpiece, ‘La Llamada’ on major streaming platforms. It features an uplifting melodic flow merged with his mesmerizing vocal presentation in perfect harmony. The brilliant symphony has had a great impact on the global music community.

Born in Brownsville, Texas, the born-talented musician became involved with music from a very young age. He first started singing and songwriting to voice his deepest thoughts and emotions in a creative and comprehensive way. The prolific artist finds inspiration for his music from his own life experiences and the world around him. That is why his music is highly down-to-earth and relatable to the audience. He always tries to highlight the common perceptions on life resonating with his listeners.

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Working with the production house Alex Altamirano, the Decatur, Alabama-based singer-songwriter has established a soundscape featuring a classic soft rock style. Jorge Arman has poured his heart out in his latest creation, ‘La Llamada’. He aspires to have the greatest impact on the listeners with the track rich in positive emotions. His other singles like ‘Ni Siquiera Recuerdas’, ‘Moving On’, ‘Ahora Resulta’, ‘My Fight’ and more also spread positivity into the world. Follow him on Spotify, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more updates on his upcoming works.

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