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(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Las Vegas, Nevada Aug 12, 2021 ( – As this year’s summer grew closer so did the longing for a good vacation. By early summer, most people could get hold of a vaccine, meanwhile, the world started slowly opening up. In this new world order, it seems like people who are fully vaccinated, are finally able to travel.

Beach Vacations Were Popular

Looking at the summer so far, TopFlightsNow can see that many people have used this opportunity to grab some sunshine and have a nice vacation. One of the most popular destinations this summer in Greece. Seems like the dreamy coastline and small islands attracted many people who have been confined to their apartment for the majority of last year.
Generally, coastal destinations are extremely popular this summer. However, even with the popularity, some of the places are far from their pre-COVID numbers. Due to the ongoing vaccinations and hotter than usual summer we expect the tourist season to last an extra one month this year.

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Sporting Events Helped

TopFlightsNow remarks that another great boost to the travel industry was the sporting events. Soccer has especially helped to kick off travel at the beginning of the season. Many people have followed their home teams around Europe to catch the games. Motor racing is another sport that has managed to move a lot of people around as they travel to the racing circuits to watch the competition.

Concerns About Safety

Still, many people opt to travel domestically, using their own vehicle. There is a certain mistrust against airlines in some people. Travelers are afraid to catch the virus on flights and they are a little concerned about the airplanes being parked for the better part of a year.

Luckily, the chances of catching the virus on an airplane are extremely small. People either need to be vaccinated or have a negative test in order to travel. This means that you are likely in a group of people who don’t have the virus. The air inside a plane is completely circulated in 2 to 3 minutes.

Even though the airplanes have parked a lot, they were kept in flying condition. Every maintenance job has been carried out on them and they were turned on from time to time. TopFlightsNow has no reason to believe, that any airline would use unsafe planes to fly after parking them. There is no noticeable increase in airplane accidents this summer.

Uncertain Future

The biggest question for the future of airline travel is the so-called ‘Delta Varian’ of the virus. Right now, it seems like most vaccines provide sufficient protection. Still, it has a higher spreading rate and can lead to unforeseen lockdowns or consequences. TopFlightsNow advises all travelers to book with flexible cancellation policies.

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