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Up-and-coming music artists Cap’n Richie and Odilia Carmen have come up with their latest track ‘Hyena’. They are talented, skillful, and versatile in nature.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- South Holland, Netherlands Aug 24, 2021 ( – A great sense of original music and experimental grooves have united in the latest track Hyena. It is an amazing composition by Cap’n Richie and Odilia Carmen and both of them have done a great job. The track contains an unusual musical arrangement along with unpredictable vocal skills. The spooky composition creates a haunting soundscape which helps to establish the metaphoric subject matter. There is a combination of rap and singing in the track with puts gritty and melody. Deftly produced, the track provides a balance of enjoyable grooves and indulgent lyricism.

Cap’n Richie is a talented music artist who has impressed everyone with compositions. Odilia Carmen has joined forces and helped to create this masterpiece. Richie’s previous singles like, ‘Need the New Me now’, ‘Exit’, etc are the proof of his craft and creativity. Both of the artists have previously worked together in various singles like, ‘One More Time’, ‘Don’t need Love’, ‘Stay Home’, ‘Returned from the dead’, and the list keeps going on. Their united musical effort can be felt through each of their compositions that are capable of enveloping all kinds of listeners.

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The latest track ‘Hyena’ is just another milestone in their prolific musical career. It is a perfect example of their experimental projects that keep the listeners glued with a deeper impact. Follow these artists over Spotify to have a test of their music. Cap’n Richie is also available on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to follow him there for more exciting updates.

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