(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Dubai, United Arab Emirates Aug 3, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Exhibit V launches a virtual 3d exhibition platform to change the Event and Exhibition Industry for better visibility in COVID times

Exhibit V, a Virtual 3D Exhibition Platform company recently completed 2 events with SAFLEC (South African Footwear And Leather Export Council) for New York and Middle Eastern buyers and retailers. There was a total of 3 personalized exhibition halls with over 31 stands and exhibitors of leather products ranging from shoes, handbags, luggage, leather ties, pocket squares, bows, suspenders, etc that showcased their products to potential buyers in these regions. Each stand was personalized and designed uniquely to fit the image and brand of the company with several engagement points such as a live chatbot, flip page brochures, video displays, 360 product displays, PowerPoint & pdf presentations and walkthroughs and an option for scheduling zoom meetings.

Each event generated over 100 new leads from buyers in these countries. The platform had a live dashboard with attendees and visitors available at all times to the organisers and exhibitors along with a virtual lobby, exterior façade and an auditorium for the opening ceremony. It allowed South Africa to be put on the world map for leather products and was able to generate ROI both by way of marketing and branding as well as by sales leads. The virtual exhibition plans to be available for European buyers soon.

Exhibit V is focused on creating customized exhibitions close to real-life using virtual reality taking advantage of the world moving from Physical to Virtual. It can provide buyers and sellers with the opportunity to come together and experience a real-life exhibition or trade show for industry-wide clients. The event and exhibition industry has been greatly disrupted as a result of the pandemic and it is getting very difficult to continue interaction with existing customers as well as build new leads with new customers. Exhibit V has demonstrated an increase of 30% in sales leads coming from virtual events if operated the right way compared to real-life events. It is also not restricted to any time and space, so anyone anywhere in the world can join. It is also far more economical than a real-life show – in fact, the cost savings are enormous.

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It can also run webinars and conferences through the platform with interesting interactive engagement points.

The platform can be used as a hybrid model as well, if any client is participating in a real exhibition/event, the same stand/event can be uploaded online with all engagements.

Also, the company is proud to be the only virtual platform with VR headset compatibility.

“Nobody gets infected on a Virtual Platform -ExhibitV is a Mask Free, Hand Sanitizer Free, Virtual Community that brings buyers and sellers together to extend business continuity in a safe and healthy way”.

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