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A real luxury property in Valencia, Spain with a non-fungible token key? The first real luxury crypto property worldwide!

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Land Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany Oct 5, 2021 ( – No joke! The well-known luxury company Donatella will be selling an absolutely real luxury apartment in Valencia, Spain. This is not a virtual apartment, but a real luxury apartment on the premises of Donatella’s new headquarters, which will be built in Valencia in 2022. Donatella counts among Europe’s growth disruptor companies and is one of the world’s highest-quality luxury companies. In mid-2022, its headquarters will be relocated from Germany to Valencia in Spain by the owner Matthias Steinmetz. Sun, beach, the sea, and pure luxury! With an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), Donatella will be offering the unique opportunity to own an approx. 50sqm apartment on the luxury brand’s premises. There is no address more prestigious than Donatella, Valencia. The NFT is the master key, and only the owner of the virtual NFT is also the owner of the real life-long licence. You yourself can live in the apartment or even resell the user licence and pass it on to your children (as long as they also own the NFT).

The NFT master key comes with a 60-year-old bottle of Scotch whisky from 1950-2010 with a retail value of almost half a million dollars. And to celebrate, Donatella will also be handing out 100 bottles of the Donatella Vodka Valencia Edition featuring 22-carat gold leaves. Thanks to technology and the current legal situation, this NFT allows you to purchase a luxury apartment anonymously with an unlimited licence. No notary, no land register entry, and no property taxes will be required. Donatella will likely be offering the first real property allowing crypto fans to quickly and anonymously buy a property that they can actually use. The whisky and vodka bottles will of course also be sent to a specific delivery address if the customer so wishes. The whole unique NFT package should even be available for less than 1.4 million dollars or crypto payment. No auction is planned! Whoever buys it first, owns it.

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One of the most beautiful addresses in the world. The apartment will be built in Valencia (Spain) directly on the luxury property of Donatella’s new headquarters as of 2022. Enjoy the landscape and absolute luxury in the vicinity of Valencia. Construction of Donatella’s new headquarters in Valencia will begin in July 2022. It is due to be completed in spring 2023.

You can buy the NFT directly from Donatella:


Donatella Valencia SpainDonatella Valencia Spain

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