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The Reggae music band Big Mountain has been growing bigger ever since its origin. Their latest tracks are recollecting the same success story of the band.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- San Diego, California Nov 15, 2021 ( – Evolving since 1988, the band Big Mountain has grown stronger with each of its compositions. In the year 1989 after cracking a record deal as a Shiloh band, they never had to look back in their musical career. In 1991 they finally changed the name from Shiloh to Big Mountain which was the name of a Native American reservation in Arizona. Like the name, they have been growing ever since their first record. Even, till today, they have maintained their ever-growing legacy by some astounding compositions of the genre- Reggae. Their music has evolved a lot over time, which can be the result of their years of experience in music.

Lately, the band has delivered some latest songs to their fans which bear the same level of efficiency of each of the artists with their parts. Each song captures the versatility of the vocalist Quino who has sounded so magical that it has carried the essential beauty of the tracks. Even the song ‘Reggae Got Soul – Radio Version’ has got enough musicality to make the audience feel the authenticity of the reggae music. The song ‘It’s All Good Today – Radio Version’ is one of the most cheerful songs about life. Everyone who will listen to it will feel the effectiveness of the song to make them realize how to look out positively on life. ‘Let’s Get Together – Radio Version’ is another instance of their musical characteristics. ‘Baby I Love Your Way – AK Cole Trap Remix’ gives a romantic vibe to the audience.

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The seminal features of reggae music are captured in all the recently released songs. The use of electric and bass guitar is dominant in the music. The short repeated patterns in guitar riffs and the use of repeated offbeat quavers all are profound in the tracks. The popularity of the Big Mountain band and their music are huge. The craziness about them among their fans can be seen even on their social handles (Facebook, Instagram, band’s website and Twitter). ‘Reggae Got Soul – Radio version’, ‘It’s All Good Today – Radio Version’ ‘Let’s get together – radio version’, ‘Baby I Love Your Way- AK Cole Trap Remix’ are getting likes and shares by the audience on Spotify.

Listen to these songs, just visit the given below links: 

Reggae Got Soul – Radio Version:

It’s All Good Today – Radio Version:

Let’s Get Together – Radio Version:

Baby I Love Your Way – AK Cole Trap Remix:

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