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The electronic track ‘Bloodshed’ by Zeon & Glasspvck can bring you to the dance floor. These music duo has set a new level for the EDM and Dubstep genre.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Nov 22, 2021 ( – Respectable soundscape and creative duo musicians Zeon & Glasspvck embraces with themselves to create their first dubstep music Bloodshed. From the first minute of the music, the bassline music creates a dark environment within the song. Moreover, as the music proceeds the intensity of the instruments has increased exponentially. The collaborations of both the artists exhibited the quality and style of their respectable sound to make the music dark and heavy electronic track.

This music is deserved to be praised, as it is the first project of Zeon & Glasspvck and the music can attract any EDM and dubstep music listeners. Both of the artists have similar years of music production experiences such as 7 and 8 years and both of them have been making dubstep music through the bass scene. The instruments utilization within the dubstep music ‘Bloodshed’ has a fearsome experience and the background vocal have made the music a very dark-themed for the listeners. The layers of the music by both of the artists have shown their talents.

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Surprisingly melodic infused with electronic rock and a clear dance core, the artists have offered a classic hit for worldwide listeners. Apart from this mentioned track, their other releases on Spotify showcases the potentiality of these two rising stars. The click of rhythm in the tracks keep evolving things to energize the soul of the listeners out there. Moreover, the warm wash of synths and delicate strumming count will keep you focused on this dubstep and EDM mix. If you want to get ecstatic music like this, just keep supporting them on various social media platforms like – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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