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The South Holland alternative rock artist I Panic has put all his emotions to make the audiences feel the essence of the music video ‘Decade of the Clown (original).

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- South Holland, Netherlands Nov 26, 2021 ( – Good rhythm and catchy melody get the key of the songs of I Panic. With great enthusiasm reflected in the music the artist has come up as one of the most prolific artists in the alternative rock genre. The rock genre that has traveled for a year through so many changes has lost the authenticity of its own. Although the genre he endorses with his music is rock, there are some touches of folk music in his style, especially in the voice. His power of execution is realized through his music. Moreover, it is the storytelling process through his songs that keeps the audience engaged with them throughout the playtime. One such example of his brilliance in music is Decade of the Clown (original).

The central attraction of the song has become the concept or the theme. The decade or era of the clowns has been depicted vividly through the artist. The strong emotion of the artist about the clowns is meticulously captured through his music composition and lyrics. His vocal has been able to captivate the attention of the audience through his slow-going melodious voice. The instrumental affair and its congruency have enhanced the beauty of the song and become soulful. Moreover, it might be his style to go with a calm soft, and slow-going rhythmic flow so that his audience can take the whole out of his songs. The song ‘Decade of the Clown (original)’ is not an exception.

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The song is a demonstration of the artist’s accuracy in craftsmanship. The song is choreographed with a video on the official YouTube channel of I Panic. It depicts the overall theme of the song more vividly and glorifying. being a self-learned musician the artist has learned music deeper than anyone can ever do. Moreover, South Holland alternative rock artist I Panic as an individual artist has given his best in almost all his songs like ‘Kill the Dog (original)’, ‘The Smile is Gone (original)’, ‘I’m Here in the Fridge (original)’. Check the song out. Follow him on his official Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram to let more about him and his music.

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