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Artist Scooter Swayze has come up with his latest music video ‘Can’t Tell Me Shit’. The song is a complete piece of hip-hop music, delivered in style by the artist.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Union City, Georgia Dec 13, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The development of hip-hop music is vast and faster than any other music genre. Many artists incorporating their individuality into hip-hop music has changed its many characteristics. However, the artist Scooter Swayze has kept the essence of authentic hip-hop music maintained with the modern hip-hop form. All his songs exhibit his deep understanding of music and learning of lyricism. Pertaining to high energy, stylized rhythm, and inherent musical brilliance, he has given one of the best performances in his career, Can’t Tell Me Shit. The music video is further glorified by his performance.

Aligning beats with rap, he has made the song a complete piece of hip-hop music. The quality o the song is justified by his powerful vocals. The background music of the song is intriguing and has the power of captivating the audience. Beats are grooving, palpitating, and periodic. It combines both the heavy and light base in accordance with the lyrical importance of the song. Moreover, by keeping the musical complexity minimal, he has allowed his lyrics to take the limelight. The theme of the song is very beautifully captured by his rap. Moreover, it is the theme of the song that makes the song a special one for the artist as well as all the hip-hop lovers.

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His rap is brilliant and makes the song a complete and praiseworthy hip-hop song. The rap maintains a good balance between poetic techniques and rhetoric. Whereas techniques have given it a fundamental strength, rhetoric provides a charismatic approach, which further accompanies his style of rapping. Moreover, his other tracks are not bereft of the features and his signature. The songs, ‘NUN’N’, ‘COVID 20/WINE TEA’ are complete due to his style of crafting songs. All his songs are now ruling on YouTube. They have brought thousands of views on his channel. Even the video ‘Can’t Tell Me Shit’ only within two days of release has been played thousands of times. So, listen to his songs on his official YouTube channel, and subscribe to it to not miss any latest updates. To know more in detail follow him on Facebook, and Instagram.

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