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Emerging author Teddy Konickson is spreading his creativity with his latest sci-fi book, ‘Extraordinary’. This superhero story has been published on 30th April 2021.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Duluth, Minnesota Jan 7, 2022 ( – Keeping the excitement and buzz high, Teddy Konickson is taking the joy of reading one notch higher with his latest book, Extraordinary. The author has done a great job in developing this engaging sci-fi story that smudges the difference between fiction and non-fiction. In the book, the protagonist character Charles is an average kid with his own turmoil and traumas of life who turns into a superhero through the cosmic event. While Charles tries to find out the meaning of everything, he slowly discovers the importance of his life and existence after becoming a superhero. The book is fun, enjoyable and also consists of an ample amount of positive influences that can motivate everyone. There is a fine balance of poignancy and invigorating vibes that does not fail to stir the inner emotions of the readers.

Just like its title suggests, the subject matter of ‘Extraordinary’ revolves around an average kid named Charles turning into a superhuman with some cosmic event on Hartsville. The title is well justified and offers a taste of the story. In the story, Charles has gone through a fair share of tragic moments of his life and he seems to be always occupied with miseries that he wanted to get rid of. From getting bullied at school to losing his love and facing death in an accident, Charles has always tried to find out whether he deserves to live or not. Everything changes when he finally finds out his superpowers. Greater power defines greater responsibilities and Charles is no exception. Soon he finds out that a greater apocalyptic event is going to hit the earth. Will he get to save the world? To find out more about Charles and his adventurous journey, purchase the book on Amazon.

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Teddy Konickson is one of the most talented young authors who is creating a new wave in sci-fi novels. He has been greatly inspired by Science fiction novels and books since his childhood. Somewhere between Marvel, DC, manga, and anime; Teddy has found out himself in the superhero characters and metaphorically represented it through his latest story. Follow the author on Facebook to get more updates. For more information, visit

Author  Teddy Konickson