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The Indigo Approach Discourse

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Asheville, North Carolina Aug 6, 2022 ( – “Every learner should make learning a joy for yourself and learn from others.” These are elements of the Learner’s Creed as described in the new book The Indigo Approach. This exciting new book introduces the world to the dynamic philosophy of the”Indigo Approach.” The intention of sharing “The Indigo Approach”, at this precise moment in human history, is to build a global education wellness experience that strengthens families, liberates the individual, and maximizes creativity.

The ultimate purpose of this philosophy is to share insight not generally acknowledged in popular educational theory. There is an inherent and natural way we were designed to learn, and this new book reminds us all. In this book, Melissa Perkins reminds individuals that they are unique and capable learners.

The unveiling of this book will expand the world’s view of learning. People are saying this book will change the world of education. “The Indigo Approach” offers a new philosophy that should be integral in families,  schools and in the business world. The book can be purchased at The Indigo Approach | uThinkIndigo.

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About the Author

Melissa Perkins

For more than 10 years, families had reached out to Melissa for guidance and home learning support because she served as a public school teacher, faculty trainer, and adjunct professor for 25 years. Holding a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction while serving as a school leader in mainland China, she also has valuable international education experience. 

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