The Epic Showdown reflects the spirit of team and dedication despite all odds

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Long Beach, California Jun 11, 2024 (Issuewire.com) – On a starry night of June 12, 2024, at 7 p.m., Long Beach is about to witness a legendary showdown! The Community Peace and Wellness Collective (CPWC) shines a spotlight on Hoops After Dark as a beacon of hope and determination. Brace yourself for the epic championship clash between Hoops After Dark and the Long Beach Fire Department at Nelson Academy. This is the season finale of Long Beach’s only nighttime program focused on violence prevention, wellness, job readiness, and education.

“The game is more than sports; it’s a testament to our unified stand against violence and our commitment to wellness and education,” says Leonard Adams, the Executive Director of Hoops After Dark. Despite the lack of financial compensation, Leonard Adams, Hoops Executive Director, and Erroll Parker, Workshop Coordinator for Hoops, have dedicated their time and efforts to the cause. The basketball championship game will symbolize their commitment to fostering a peaceful, healthy, and educated community. The local community has been abuzz with excitement and anticipation as volunteers and staff rally to make the event successful. The gymnasium, which is a Safe Haven soon to be filled with the cheers of supporters, has been meticulously prepared, with every detail reflecting the spirit of teamwork and dedication that Adams and Parker embody.

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Billy Brown, Founder and Executive Director of F.O.C.U.S., adds, “Hoops After Dark isn’t just a program; it’s a community lifeline. We’re here to show that positive engagement can change lives.” F.O.C.U.S., a safe passage and community safety organization, echoes CPWC’s nod to Hoops After Dark and its dedication to violence prevention and wellness.

However, this program’s funding hasn’t been easy to sustain. Despite witnessing its impact and supporting Hoops in the years past, the City of Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine Department has been able to rekindle the funding due to budget shortage, leaving this vital program in financial limbo season despite its amazing success.

James Marks, a leading community figure and trailblazer nationally in violence prevention, calls on the community to urge the City and other funders to do more.  “Due to the spectacular track record of success,  Hoops After Dark should be supported permanently through the City of Long Beach’s annual budget and racial reconciliation funding.”  The community has started a petition urging the City of Long Beach to fund Hoops After Dark. A petition is being formulated on Change.org.  For more information and to view the petition, click here: https://chng.it/HD9w4v2NQh.

The championship game promises to be a night of unity, celebration, and a vivid display of the power of community. In facing challenges, Hoops After Dark exemplifies resilience, dedication, and commitment.

Regardless of the outcome, the real victory lies in the power of a community coming together, standing strong against violence, and promoting wellness and education. The Community Peace and Wellness Collective invites everyone to participate in this game-changing event, uniting in the spirit of peace, health, and learning. Cathy Snuggs, a Community Peace and Wellness Collective founding member and former violence prevention coordinator for the City of Long Beach Health Department, states, “Hoops after Dark is making a real difference here. We look forward to recognizing and supporting their efforts.”

Key Takeaways

Call to action- community circulates petition to urge the Mayor and City Manager to fully fund Hoops after Dark  For more information and to view the petition, click here: https://chng.it/HD9w4v2NQh.

Hoops After Dark is hosting a Championship Game against the local Fire Department, symbolizing their commitment to violence prevention, wellness, and education in the City of Long Beach.

Despite a lack of timely and sufficient financial support, HOOPS has successfully maintained the city’s only nighttime violence prevention, wellness, and education program, highlighting its resilience and dedication.

The championship game invites the community to unify, celebrate, and recognize the power of positive engagement in fostering peace, health, and education, underlining the need for the city’s recognition and support of such initiatives.

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