If you have your eyes set on a man who has an aura of royalty surrounding him (no matter what he is doing) – be sure you are in the company of one of the most generous and fierce signs – LEO.


Ah, the Leo man!

The sweat-inducing, heart-stopping, mind-blowing male has the potential to take you on an emotional and sexual ride with him. Now, if you think, you are ready to jump into the rollercoaster with him, there is the only thing you need to remember – don’t let this hedonist make you his slave. Once he realises you’re his doll to do as he please, the relationship will come crashing down.

Leo men are stubborn and egoistic creatures that also have a soft and mushy side that can knock even the strongest hearts. Once you’re with them, there is no going back – no men would be good enough for you anymore. Therefore, if you’re a lover of drama and can offer a good amount of space to your man to shine (mostly always!), this guide will help you know more about the lustful lion.

True to his Element – The Fire

Like the chief element of his sun sign, Fire, the man of this sun sign will be fiery, arrogant, intense but gracious. The Leos are considered the King not only of the zodiacs, but also Love. Hence, a Leo man believes whatever he offers you should be returned to him with the same intensity. They don’t like to be ordered or tamed, so avoid being too active or dominant in the relationship (especially in the beginning!).

A Ladies Man

Most Leo men are tall, smart and handsome – so most of the time he has the ladies eyeing him. You will also find him flirting with the opposite gender, but hold on sister… Keep your jealousy intact. They wouldn’t change who they are for anyone, so it is advised to make him understand what bothers you (calmly) to save the pain of heartbreak. Screaming or trying to make him jealous will make them run towards the opposite side. (Yeah! Leo men can be too overbearing at times).

Understand his Heart

A Leo man looks calm on the exterior even when he has a storm raging inside. So, you must possess a saint-like patience, because they don’t discuss their emotions in general. However, if you can make him open-up with your wit and charm, he will always hold you close to his heart. Also, learn to read between the lines, because Leos are pros in sarcasm. He will tell you what’s wrong in ways you will never know existed. However, don’t ask him too many questions or he will flip out.

Leo male-female

Independent Beings

Leos are fiercely independent hence they need their partners to be strong and capable of holding their ground. Leo men are hardly ever submissive, so they don’t like to share their control with their partners. However, if your Leo man sees you offering him the proper independence to do his own thing, he will always come back to you at the end of the day.

Instil a little trust in him and it will be reciprocated in ways beyond your imagination. They are kind and generous beings who like to make their partner feel special in every way.


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