It has been said that music has the power to change your mood. Well, the emerging artist Nes has proved this with his music. This multitalented artist is not only a rapper but can compose songs and is a swim teacher too. The real identity of Nes is Raj Dhurandhar. In addition to working two jobs, his passion for music never faded away. Forcing on the genre of Rap and Christian hip-hop he hopes to his audience with his music into leading a better life. This newbie hip hop singer from Houston is on his way to make people memorise him in the years to come.

His Tracks like ‘Mirror’, ‘Volume 2 – Intro Part 2’, ‘Volume 2’, ‘Lonely’ etc has a soothing fusion of rap and Christian gospel to it. The detail that comes through as the tracks progress from one verse to the other is increasingly colourful. You can find a blending of genres and a few traditional elements enforced into it. There is a satisfying melody that is pleasing to every listener. But when you give your attention to it a relatable storyline seems to emerge from each one of them. The structures of the song are crafted carefully allowing you to slowly process it and losing yourself into its mesmerising soundscape.

Along with his music, it is Nes’s character and personality that attracts his fans towards him. Even after achieving the much-wanted popularity like many artists, Nes keeps his modest behaviour intact. It is his music rather than his name which describes him. His popularity can be measured by the increasing number of fans in his Instagram and Soundcloud account. Nes’s confidence as an artist shines through his music. It is this confidence that allowed him to continue his passion for music even through his tough times.

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