The best gift for music enthusiasts in this world is coming across music which refreshes and rejuvenates their heart and soul, something they can escape to. This new R&B singer from North Dakota named XX Row has brought for the music lovers a refreshingly unique single ‘Conscious Ducha’ which has lent a whole new edge to R&B & Soul music genre. Apart from producing mesmerizing R&B & soul music, this incredibly versatile artist has truly mastered the hip hop and rap music genre. This new and independent artist has been writing songs for a very long time. His music is already viral on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

This artist XX Row brings to the table some blissful and mellow vibes on his latest single Conscious Ducha. A simple, as well as a haunting ambience, emerges and warm but gentle beats emerge and fill the room. A few distant synths bring about gentle colour and calm. The leading voice of the artist drives with a modern R&B style and tone, and the laid-back performance and style make this track worth listening to. The subject matter and the portrayal of the story-line of good and hard times help the audience connect with this artist’s work.

XX-Row ‘Conscious Ducha’

The track is really easy to escape to and there is no overbearing element which can possibly damage the effect. The single energy remains constant, allowing the listeners to really lose into the moment. At the same time, the familiar thoughts and ideas and the overall performance all this makes this artist’s work easily recognisable the more you listen to this track. The hook and the melody-line which are presented seem to have a definite air of personality and character. It adds further weight and value to the entire piece.

The more you listen to this track, the personal touch and the sense of truth come through which makes XX Row’s work more appreciable. There’s a certain sense of turmoil and the details of difficult life experiences which showcase a completely different side of the artist. XX Row has worked beautifully in this musical masterpieces starting from the production to the overall performance. The underlying sentiment in single ‘Conscious Ducha’ clearly shares the connection to the listeners worldwide. The whole thing feels very real and hits with a lot of impact. Rather than relying on gimmicks, the track runs on its own calibre and strength, which has the capability to get any music fans hooked.

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