Budding star in the hip hop block Loverboy proves that in the realm of rap music voice is the natural instrument. He has a natural command over the wordplay that is a dominating factor in rap music. His music exudes the presence of a unique and engrossing substance that is savored by his admirers. His songs ‘Smokin N Thinkin’, ‘Believe’, ‘You’ and ‘Throwed Off’ convey the aura of sanctuary for fans dealing with difficulties in life. The lyrical flow and control over the smooth and timely delivery of rap in the songs are truly remarkable.

The young and aspiring hip hop artist brings out the true essence that is the foundation of hip hop. His unmatchable and addictive voice cannot be replicated as he pours out his sweat and force into his music. He has mastered the method of coalescing sharp yet relatable lyrics with hypnotizing beats that have fans craving for more. The lyrical artistry and poignancy of the songs have already created an enormous wave in the hip hop genre. Comprehending the vastness of the genre the artist is motivated to create verses that bring satisfaction to the diverse group of audiences with potent energy. His fervent and fierce performance brings out intoxicating and stunning grandeur to the hip hop enthusiasts.

Born in Atlanta this Oak Ridge rapper is currently working enthusiastically on his opulent ballads from Tennessee. Dynamic and relentless portray the value of loyalty over everything in life in his lyrics introduces intensity and flexibility. Loverboy is currently working independently and not signed with any label but with his rebellious music and increasing fan base he has the full potential to make headlines in the rap industry in the near future as he is becoming one of the fastest-growing rap artists in the industry. Follow his enthralling work on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

Oak Ridge rapper Loverboy’s latest track out on SoundCloud:

Jacklyn Ryan

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