Creative expressions know no boundaries of individualistic interpretations and when it comes to music, the circle is all the more inclusive. Upcoming artist DJ Renato Harripaul is putting together the contemporary verses of Electronic Dance Music in his soundscape and the result is outstanding. He recently released his new set, Isolation (Mix)(2020)’ that beautifully combines rhythmic patterns and frequency modulations with the use of technical effects. The sound linearity of the set is so intense and full of musical essence that the audience instantly finds creative ambiguity in it. The set is a creative compilation of the artist’s understanding of music as a collective form of art that he has deconstructed as per his own style and formatting into a captivating stream of sound undulation.

Isolation (Mix)

Hailing from the Bronx area, this New York DJ artist has implemented the flavor and taste of the contemporary timeline of music. EDM has always been known as one of the most expressive forms of music genre that is independent of standardizations. Isolation (Mix)(2020)’ is proof of the all-inclusiveness of EDM and more that has been wrapped into one meandering format of blissful musical respite. There is both conundrum and discipline in the linear storytelling of the set that utilizes various rhythmic insertions and sound amalgamations to give away to a complete celebration altogether.

Upcoming artist DJ Renato Harripaul is associated with his own label, Harripaul which has helped him create and release more artistic interpretations. Some of his other sets like ‘Isolation Lockdown Mix (2020)’, ‘Quarantine Mix (2020)’, ‘(2020) EDM House Mix’, and ‘(Courts Remix)2020)’ are all example of his unparalleled vigor as an artist and as an important artist contributing to the evolution of music. Follow his work on  YouTube, and Instagram to experience the energy and zeal of contemporary EDM like never before.

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