Hip hop and rap have found a new proprietor of creative expressions in the soundscape of 21-year-old artist Lonleybandz. His creative arc is rapidly flourishing into a celebratory saga of passionate music and thematic use that is contributing significantly to the scope of the genre. His music reflects his opinions and deconstructions of themes that are beautifully juxtaposed across his stream of musical and lyrical concepts. He also uses the contemporary dynamics of electronic modulations that provide his hip hop modules with an edge of creative greatness. Contributing the vocal prowess and transparency to his songs, the artist has opened the windows to endless possibilities that will eventually take him to the epitome of global acknowledgment and accomplishment.


Based out of San Diego, this Tusla solo artists interpretations of hip hop and rap and its thematic significance has led to the creation of outstanding lyrical verses. His music integrates meaningful themes and allows his audiences to understand his music with innate resonance, understanding, and creative empathy. Some of the songs that define his soundscape with the best eccentric elements include Out the Mud (Calboy)’, ‘Pain-to-You’, ‘Cartel Running It Up’, and ‘Paranoid’ among many others. His music is diverse and brings together the streaks of cultural importance. A creative saga that opens the gates to future opportunities and more, he is just getting started with creating his scope of musical consciousness that will soon reach the global audience.

Associated with the label house Cartel oil records, Lonleybandz’s was able to express his creative outspokenness through the enamel of his music and songs. He is a global story in the making that will motivate new musicians to dream big and work on them as well. Hip hop’s creative space is endless and he is seizing his opportunity to take it to new places. Indulge in his soundscape of lyrical and musical symbiosis by following him on Instagram, and Spotify.

Looking for more fire music of Lonleybandz click the given link: https://soundcloud.com/user-761035390