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Just when Spotify offered the listeners a feature of wrap which shows the 2020’s most anticipated artists, a hacker violated some of the famous artist’s Spotify profiles.

On Wednesday artists like Dua Lipa and Lana Del Rey got their biographies replaced by the cyber attacker.

The hacker revealed his name as Daniel who replaced the celebrities’ pictures with his own pictures and posted messages about US President Donald Trump and iconic pop singer Taylor Swift.

This incident is a huge embarrassment of the digital platform’s security system and Taylor Swift’s huge fanbase as well. The app is the most popular music platform around the globe and this action put it through some serious questions.

The attacker has asked people to add himself on Snapchat and added some words in the favor of Donald Trump like “Trump 2020”. Perhaps this is an amateur move by the hacker but the incident aroused some questions as Joe Biden is going to take the White House on January 20.

The hacker also added “Best of all shout out to my queen Taylor Swift,” which is creating much controversy for the artist and her follower though there is no connection to it.

The users posted some images over Twitter of the changed images and biographies which has affected other artists like Pop Smoke and Future.

As a counteraction, Spotify has quickly removed the changed pictures and biographies and reversed it as the artists’ pages appear to be normal again.

The reason behind this act is still not clear how some of the world’s biggest musicians got attacked by this person and could make some major edits to their profile.

Spotify has a special and separate product for the music publishers and independent artists, titled Spotify for Artists. This is what manages the pages and biographies of the musicians.

This tool or application lets Spotify users claim a band page or join the artist’s crew to manage the profile. But a page that is already claimed cannot be claimed again. Only the team members can join it with the right to log in or through a major verification process.

Spotify has anything publicly about the attack or how the security breach happened but it has contacted for a comment on this topic.

The problem occurred in the busiest time of the year for Spotify as it has announced this year’s most-streamed tracks. The users are enjoying the exploration of the annual wrapped playlist of their most played tracks.

Dua Lipa, who got her profile defaced, ranked as the fifth most-streamed song of the year around the globe. The latest track ‘Don’t Start Now’ is the reason behind this success.

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