The exciting Oklahoma solo artist Lonleybandz is leading the populous rap scene with the colorful fusion of choppy melodies and stylish tap skills from the new songs.

Out the MudTime has been rough for everybody. But good music can help you to tackle any damage that’s lurking from the dark. The amazing Lonleybandz is putting all his efforts to bring a smile on the listeners’ faces with his motivating songs. The sensational Oklahoma solo artist is back with some astounding hip hop numbers you can move your hips along. When each person in the world wants to erase the foul year from their memory, he is trying to invigorate more passion with his rhapsody for hip hop. His new releases have the fresh essence of the coming summer and the hope of better days. His organic prowess of making poetic verses through the groovy melodies inspires a lot of novice hip-hoppers to work with that skill.

Usually, people who are 21 years old have different interests because it’s the time when someone truly understands what defines someone. But, Lonleybandz has a rock-solid personality who figured out already to take music seriously. His aim is higher than grabbing the clouds of fame. He insists on promising peace and calmness in the diversity of music. In the latest hip hop number ‘Oceans w/ T-Rell’, he introduces a sublime sound design with a clearly emotive yet skillful style of contemporary music. It is full of tropical beats that will soothe your nerves while you want to sip Malibu and dance till your last breath. His other songs include ‘Out the Mud (Calboy)’ and ‘Pain-to-You’.

‘Through the Town’ is a poetic conversation between two lovers that spikes your emotional urges up with emotive lyrics. The confessional song was inspired by his relationship where he realizes the importance of self-worth. ‘Damaged’ is filled with heavy bass that seeks to uplift and energize during trying times. Follow the new artist with all the latest chart-busting songs on Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram and get the new music videos on YouTube.

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