Take Yourself on a Musical Journey with Doremi The Genuis’s Amazing Tracks

Doremi The Genuis D.T.G

Only a few musical geniuses can blend the two genres hip hop and jazz, and Doremi The Genuis has done that flawlessly. This emerging music artist makes some exquisite instrumental tracks that provide both flavors of retro jazz music and new age hip hop. The artist likes to put some sprinkles of R&B as well. Blending the organic elements with digital grooves, each of the tracks offers the listeners a distinct musical feature than the other. Some of the latest tracks like ‘Charles Mc Swain’, ‘Dark Moon’, ‘Mr West’, ‘Imitation’, ‘Hell Of A Life’ etc showcase the artist’s great sense and individuality in creating original music.

This versatile artist is gathering a lot of attention and spreading his musical aura around the world as a Detroit hip hop and jazz musician Doremi The Genuis. His unique sound design and perspective of instrumentals do not fail to engage the listeners. Symphonic and stylish compositions leave a deep impact even after the end of the tracks. There is a melodic balance in each of his works which makes them sound so perfectly soothing, energetic, and sometimes haunting as well. With his prolific musicianship, the artist is able to stir the emotions of the listeners with his compositions. Some of the previous releases like ‘Antidote’, ‘Cries Of The Angels’, ‘Something About You’ etc convey the same.

Hailing from Michigan, Doremi The Genuis also known as D.T.G is making some significant progress in the industry with his amazing instrumental representations. He is a humble musician who does not only enjoy making music but also car repairing, bodybuilding, science and biology, and everything else that belongs to a simple daily life. Currently, this artist is looking forward to making music in the coming days. Follow him over SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to know more about his upcoming instrumental tracks and experimental works.

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