The contemporary hip hop genre offers a unique rendition of its authentic form merged with some extraordinary instrumentation. Young and talented hip hop artist XXTHEALCHEMIST has mastered the technique and has executed some of the finest melodies in his wondrous soundscape. He has recently dropped a marvelous acoustic wonder named Chosen’ that is rich in versatile rhythms. His experiment with different melodic elements has created an oscillation of diverse sounds and textures. His next single I saw the way that she looked at me’ is an emotional one revealing his truest feelings through an articulately weaved lyrical illustration.

Armed with his unique ability to transform his raw thoughts into sublime melodies, the prolific Virginia singer has been creating back-to-back hits. His music is highly relatable and has the power to forge a special bond with the listeners. The gifted artist had stepped into the game at a very young age and continues to flourish in his thematic career. His charming yet soulful voice brings out the true spirit of the poignant lyrical ballads. Driven by his love for the genre and his genuine willingness to help people get over difficult times, he creates exceptional melodic pieces with thought-provoking lyrics.

The newest addition to the genre XXTHEALCHEMIST has gained a lot of attention in a very short time. His incredible singing ability mixed with his outstanding music-making skills has put him on the A-list in the industry. He has recently teamed up with taurs x thislandis, who has produced his latest creation, ‘Chosen’. The song is a flawless manifestation of his boundless imagination and unique interpretation of the world around him. His other song ‘I saw the way that she looked at me’ showcases his impeccable storytelling abilities, which is its driving force. Listen to his songs on SoundCloud and follow him on Instagram for more updates.

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